Clients & Testimonials Archive

Below are excerpts from testimonial letters I’ve received from conference organizers and sponsors who have used my work in delivering keynote speeches, seminars, or workshops. Groups or companies wishing to know more should contact me directly at [email protected] or by phone 1-416-489-4511.

Association of Internal Auditors, Chicago, April 2019

“Richard did an excellent job… [and] went above and beyond”

“Our conference theme and goal was to prepare our attendees for the future of the accounting and audit industry, and having a futurist was a great way to set the stage for the whole day event!

Richard did an excellent job as our opening keynote speaker, largely due to the effort he put in prior to the event. He dug in to understand what is important to our attendees, and worked closely with our planning committee to craft a presentation custom-tailored to meet our needs.

Richard also went above and beyond by hosting a follow-up break-out session where he facilitated a conversation with those interested in further exploring futurist techniques.

And while Richard doesn’t present himself as a comedian, a number of our members commented that he used humor to convey his message, which they appreciated.

Overall, it was our highest attended event ever, and Richard was one of the main reasons why!”

Provision Coalition, Toronto, April, 2019

“We wanted a futurist to kick-off our Provision Coalition annual conference, and chose Richard Worzel, who delivered a thought-provoking and fascinating presentation that gave us a glimpse into the future of the food system.

Richard consulted extensively with us, and performed research that added depth to his presentation. Two weeks before the event, he sent us a draft of his speaking notes, and asked us for comments and suggestions on how he could make them even more valuable.

We appreciated having the opportunity to ensure the presentation was well suited to our very niche audience.”

Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA), Fredericton, NB, August 2018

“[We] got incredible feedback”

“Richard Worzel is one of the smartest and most creative speakers I’ve ever seen on a stage. He knows how to keep the attention of the audience with his leadership skills. It was interesting to see him incorporate his talent in a presentation style that engages and motivates participants the knowledge that he passes on into action.

I got incredible feedback from many participants about how inspired they are to transfer what they learned in your session into their professions as Chief Administrative Officers across the country.”

Canadian Hardware & Housewares Manufacturers Association, Toronto, June 2018

“You are a futurist worth listening to, and not just someone with a slick and shiny message”

“The Canadian Hardware and Housewares Manufacturers Association engaged you to speak for us ten years ago, in April of 2008, before the financial panic and Great Recession. Your timely message warned us of the coming economic woes, well before other commentators, and enabled many of our members to prepare for the tough times that followed.…

We’re very pleased we invited you back. Not only did you consult with us extensively beforehand, but you shared your speaking notes with us so that we could work with you to prepare a message that was as interesting and as useful as possible. You also took the initiative to speak with the economist who followed you on our program to ensure that the two presentations would be complementary. You became a member of our team, rather than a hired gun delivering a canned speech.…

You have the knack of taking complex topics in arcane subjects and making them clear and relevant to your audience – with touches of humor thrown in for good measure. You pointed out the very real dangers ahead for our members, but also offered insights about what they could do to prepare and prosper.

The result confirmed what we already knew: you are a futurist worth listening to, and not just someone with a slick and shiny message.”

Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, April, 2017

“He was fantastic.”

“Fanshawe College approached Richard Worzel, professional futurist at Futuresearch, to lead the second installment of a new inspirational speaker series we recently launched. As Fanshawe is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017, it has embraced the slogan of Always Changing, Always Relevant, with an emphasis on looking to the future and the next 50 years. Building on Fanshawe’s values of being bold, agile and embracing change, Richard was an ideal candidate to expand on this theme of future focus. Richard spoke on Re-Imaginging the Future of Education to an audience of over 350 community guests, students and staff.

He was fantastic.

From the moment we engaged him, Richard went beyond the typical expectations of a hired speaker, immersing himself in the business relationship. We appreciated the genuine interest he took in our needs and the amount of time he spent collaborating on the development of an intentionally successful audience experience.

It was clear that Richard knows his stuff, and also knows how to customize his presentation to suit the needs of his audience. As a result, his remarks were carefully tailored to integrate our industry’s top issues and address them insightfully. We couldn’t miss the obvious level of research he had done to bring home his points in a tangible and applicable way that felt instantly relevant to our audience. Richard demonstrated his knowledge of the Canadian education sector while showing off his expertise as a futurist, mixing information about global trends with specifics about the needs in our sector and our region. It was extremely relatable and right on target.

His delivery combined occasional humor, to-the-point examples, and an informal but highly-focused presentation. He was candid but far from casual. Our audience was actively engaged throughout the session due to Richard’s interactive presentation style and his dynamic speaking ability and also due to the depth of the information he shared.

Richard’s ideas were real eye openers!

The “TED”-level presentation really helped our audience see new and unique ways to prepare for tomorrow’s demands and grow our presence in this ever-changing world. It gave our community guests, students and staff immediately useful takeaways in a highly entertaining and informative format. The post-presentation Q-and-A made it clear our audience was interested and inspired to think about what the near future holds in store for Fanshawe, publicly-funded education in Canada and the global knowledge economy.

We were very pleased with the impression Richard left with our stakeholders. There’s no doubt he met our objectives for this speaker series and helped position us as leaders in education in the eyes of our peers and our people.

I would recommend Richard Worzel to anyone interested in discovering new ways to think about and plan for the future of their business without being intimidated by it. If you get a chance to bring this forward-thinking speaker to your company or conference, take it right away and don’t let someone else get there first. You won’t regret the results.”

GROWMARK, Bonita Springs, Florida, January 2017

“His knowledge on the topic and his ability to make people think outside the box created a strong platform presentation.”

“Richard Worzel ranks among the most professional speakers I have ever worked with. His speech on the topics of the future of innovation and leadership were enlightening and delivered in a way that made the participants think outside the box.

Richard did a good job setting up a complicated topic (the future of everything) but his fresh and simple way of describing things helped put the future into perspective. His passion for the subject matter was infectious. In just one hour, attendees gained a fresh perspective on the major futuristic trends that are transforming agriculture, world events and leadership.

At my request, in October 2016, Richard crafted a specific and detailed platform presentation for the CLC conference. He did a great job preparing the presentation for this group and spent quite a bit of time crafting a message specifically to them. He also made a point to work with other platform speakers that were attending the same event to ensure he was not talking about the same material in a similar way. Richard sent me rough drafts of his outline several times prior to the event. He was a pleasure to work with in terms of the amount of customer service he provided. In an attempt to get to know the audience better, he arrived a day early and attended several of the events? functions prior to his session.

I enjoyed working with Richard and very much appreciate his willingness to work with us and craft his message to our group. His knowledge on the topic and his ability to make people think outside the box created a strong platform presentation. I am pleased to recommend Richard for your next industry/trade show. He will be a pleasure to work with and his message will resonate with the audience.”

AVI Systems, Bloomington, Minnesota, November 2016

“A fantastic speaker.”

“Richard was a fantastic speaker at our National Sales Meeting. We’re a multi-generational tech company with a very broad range of knowledge, backgrounds and talents. Richard customized his entire presentation to fit the entire group’s needs – and got us thinking about how we need to lean on each other to be a successful company. Great stuff!”

Gulf Coast Power Association, Austin, Texas, October 2016

“Richard delivered.”

“The Gulf Coast Power Association had Richard Worzel address the 2016 Fall Conference on issues that may impact the electric power industry in the future. We were looking for a speaker that could address industry blind spots, in other words, what future issues are evolving outside of the electric power industry that could impact how, when and where business is transacted in this industry. Richard delivered. His presentation gave the conference attendees things to think about after the conference…along with the message that even if they did not…someone else is. Great food for thought. If you have an industry that needs to consider its “blindsides”, I recommend getting Richard to give his perspective of the future.”

Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO), Laramie, Wyoming, July 2016

“We felt lucky to have you on our stage.”

“You had recently worked with us for the July 2016 Western Association of State Highway Officials meeting at the University of Wyoming.

You were excellent and able to craft a message for our audience that combined your body of expertise with their immediate needs. Your delivery was exemplary. By combining humor, examples, and an informal but highly focused presentation, you demonstrated a command of communications principles.

You are a dynamic, engaging speaker that we felt very lucky to have on stage for our event. Your keynote presentation “Changing Things Up” was highly rated by our audience members. The material truly resonated with our Chief Executive Officers and senior transportation leaders, many of whom are looking for expert advice on future trends and evolving innovation.

In your very lively, energizing session, you gave them a clear understanding of technology trends and their application in the world of transportation.

True learning took place. The audience left feeling excited and motivated.”

Actio Marketing for Choice Hotels Owners Council, Orlando, February 2016

“Hands down, the most customized keynote presentation I have seen in 20+ years in the corporate event arena.”

“Richard is, hands down, the most customized keynote presentation I have seen in 20+ years in the corporate event arena, especially in the era of the canned “schtick” keynote. He understands the macro trends from a general business perspective, and applies them to a specific industry – and even a specific company – in a dramatic and compelling way. The content is at once both personal and global in its reach. This was well worth having, most especially at our future trend focused event.”

Solutions 3 (Foodservice industry event), Seattle, Washington, March 2016

“On all three occasions, Richard has received glowing satisfaction scores.”

“’s Headquarters in Redmond, WA. Solutions-3 is organized by an ad hoc group of three foodservice industry professional associations (American Healthcare Foodservice, Foodservice Consultants Society International and, the Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management). In each situation, he has proactively undertaken in-depth research to better understand both the subject matter requested as well as the professional backgrounds of those participants expected to attend the event. Equally impressive, Richard makes a good faith effort to attend as many of the other events and speeches as possible before he is scheduled to speak and then integrates relevant observations into his speech that helps to embellish the subject matter theme. On all three occasions, Richard has received glowing satisfaction scores from the FCSI and Solutions 3 audiences. ”

Cavalier Agrow, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, April 2015

“Richard’s presentation was eye-opening and took the audience out of their comfort zone, which was just what we wanted.”

“Richard is a great speaker to work with and it was a pleasure to deal with him. He answered emails promptly and was a pleasure to speak with on the phone. Richard presented a clearly outlined draft of his presentation before the actual day so we knew exactly what he was going to talk about. This was perfect because that gave us the opportunity to make sure his message suited the needs of our conference.

As he was arriving to North Battleford on the day of the event, communication between Richard and the committee was top notch. He was very flexible and was able to work with the limitations of the facility.

Richard’s presentation was eye-opening and took the audience out of their comfort zone, which was just what we wanted. But it was also realistic because the basis for those new technologies does exist. The scary part of his presentation was that we know everything he was saying will happen, we just don’t know when, but with the current rate of technology development it might be earlier than we think.

The Cavalier Agrow agPROVE Committee feels that Richard is a great presenter to deal with and we were thrilled to have him at our event.”

Canadian Association of Agricultural Retailers, Saskatoon, March 2015

“Our association was in need of a keynote address for our annual conference to launch the opening of the event. The theme of the conference – Edge of an Era – sought to educate, inspire and challenge delegates to bring their agri-retail business into the next era of agriculture. Richard Worzel fit the bill perfectly and set the stage for the rest of the conference speaker program.

Focusing on what the agri-retailer will face in the future, Richard identified key areas in which retailers will have to adapt and evolve to thrive within the industry. Richard incorporated many of the themes that were to be discussed in later sessions into his own presentation which added a seamless fluidity to the speaker program.

From the beginning, Richard was excellent to work with. He received high praise from many conference delegates and was a highlight of the event. His knowledge and understanding of the agriculture industry allowed the audience to have confidence in his recommendations and foresight.

Thank you Richard for contributing to the success of our conference. I would strongly recommend Richard Worzel as a presenter for future events and conferences.”

CEO Edge, Miami Beach, January 2015

“As Chairman of CEO Edge (a FL based multi-industry group) for our annual retreat I selected Richard as our keynote speaker. The format was small group half day session with Richard both presenting and leading the discussion. The group was comprised of both CEOs and their spouses, 24 in total. As a Futurist, Richard worked with me to craft the right blend and sequence of topics for the discussion. Throughout the pre-planning work Richard was collaborative and responsive to the audience mix and size. The session itself was nothing short of our most successful retreat to date. He clearly knows his material and everyone was impressed with the depth and breadth of his research in each area. The audience was so engaged in the discussion (held on a Saturday in Miami in January) they asked Richard to return after lunch for another hour and to join the group for dinner on Saturday night. I would recommend you consider Richard if a Futurist with good strategic planning skills is your target.”

Cavalier Agrow, Saskatchewan, April 2015

“Richard is a great speaker to work with and it was a pleasure to deal with him. He answered emails promptly and was a pleasure to speak with on the phone. Richard presented a clearly outlined draft of his presentation before the actual day so we knew exactly what he was going to talk about. This was perfect because that gave us the opportunity to make sure his message suited the needs of our conference.

As he was arriving to North Battleford on the day of the event, communication between Richard and the committee was top notch. He was very flexible and was able to work with the limitations of the facility.

Richard’s presentation was eye-opening and took the audience out of their comfort zone, which was just what we wanted. But it was also realistic because the basis for those new technologies does exist. The scary part of his presentation was that we know everything he was saying will happen, we just don’t know when, but with the current rate of technology development it might be earlier than we think.

The Cavalier Agrow agPROVE Committee feels that Richard is a great presenter to deal with and we were thrilled to have him at our event.”

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, Calgary, August 2014

“No canned speeches here!”

“Richard Worzel was a pleasure to work with. He took extra time to cater his message specifically to meet the needs of our very unique audience—no canned speeches here! Conference attendees call Worzel “an engaging speaker,” “easy to listen to,” and “captivating.” He provided “excellent triggers for thought” and can be described as “enlightening.”

Caudwell Wingate, Naples, Florida, December 2013

“We recently engaged Richard Worzel to help us with strategic planning for our company, Cauldwell Wingate. This is the third time we’ve used Richard’s services for this purpose, and we view him as an essential part of our planning team.

Richard is a professional futurist, and brings an impressive and wide-ranging knowledge of what’s ahead for the world, for America, for our city, and for our company to the table. At the same time, he understands business, and his research is firmly grounded in realy. In both his prepared remarks, and in the give-and-take of free-form discussion he is able to provide both information and ideas about the future that are intriguing and useful to our planning.

When it came to helping us create a strategic plan for our copany’s future, he was able to help us identify the critical issues, and to focus on how we can prepare for them. By the end of the day we spent with him, we had the clear outlines of a workable plan to accomplish the things we need to do – and I very much doubt we would have been able to accomplish anywhere near as much without his guidance.

In short, Richard brings discipline, information, ideas, structure, and even wisdom to the strategic planning process, as well as a sense of humor that makes it easier and more enjoyable to work on life-and-death strategic issues. We have found his services to be invaluable.”

The Scoular Company, Greensboro, Georgia, May 2013

“…the perfect way to kick off our event…”

“I want to thank you for your participation in the inaugural Scoular 20/20 – Emerging Issues Forum. Your thought provoking presentation was the perfect way to kick off our event. All of those phone calls and emails back and forth paid off in spades. The participants, The Scoular Company and our customers, were both intrigued and challenged. Your questions and interaction during the rest of the program was also quite valuable as you continued to question our assumptions and frame of reference.

It was great to get to work with you over the last two days and thanks for sharing your insights on Scouting.”

Saskatchewan Certified Management Accountants, Regina, June 2013

“Your session was a huge success!”

“I just wanted to THANK YOU once again for your contributions and participation as a keynote speaker at our 2013 CMA Conference in Saskatoon on June 13. Your session was a huge success!

The Council and members I talked to were very impressed with the event and we have received very positive feedback about your presentation. …I thought your presentation was awesome, so interesting.”

Healthcare Supply Chain Network, Toronto, May 2013

“I would absolutely encourage other organizations to consider having Richard speak to their group!”

“The conference planning committee for our national network of supply chain professionals recently selected Richard Worzel to open our annual conference. We were looking for someone who could set the pace around the global health demographics as well as to the trends and delivery of products and services to those organizations that service the population. [Richard] satisfied the role beyond our expectations – he invested effort to reach out to us to tailor his presentation to make it relevant for our audience. The expertise he offered in both current and future global health trends provided a foundation that was especially specific to the learning needs of our delegates. Our opening address goal was to equip our delegates to understand the changes and trends and to give them ideas and tools to structure internal decision-making. Richard achieved both.

I would absolutely encourage other organizations, both large and small, to consider having Richard speak to their group – the results will inform and gratify everyone involved!”

Pr1me Meetings for HSBC, Vancouver, February 2013

“…our client was thrilled…”

“Richard Worzel, was an extremely well received addition to our event for financial top performers. We needed an engaging speaker who was relevant and unforgettable. He provided cleverly steered, thought provoking insights into the future that captivated the audience, able to make connections with not only the global banking economy but also our Hollywood theme. Our Client HSBC was thrilled and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Richard again.”

Canada West Equipment Dealers Association, Winnipeg, February 2013

“An exciting departure from our traditional program…”

“Your presentation of the “Future of Agriculture” was an exciting departure from our traditional Convention program, and thank you for making it so successful, Richard. The time and attention you devoted to presenting a realistic and pragmatic view of agriculture’s future was really appreciated, and is likely to be even more so as our industry advances toward that very reality.

Again, many thanks for your support and best wishes for success”

OACETT, Ottawa, June 2012

“You captured the interest of all of our members with ease”

“As you know, the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) is the certifying body for engineering tech in the province of Ontario and we represent various disciplines. It is often difficult to secure a speaker who can capture the interest of all of our members because of the variety in disciplines but you did this with ease. Your thought provoking presentation and your dynamic delivery style was enjoyed by all.

On another note, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with us beforehand to discuss content options which allowed us to specifically target your presentation to our members. Your knowledge of various industries and fine tuning your presentation to our audience was very much appreciated.

Richard, it has been a pleasure working with you and I would highly recommend you as a choice speaker at any event. Thank you for making our AGM/Conference such a success.”

Motorola Solutions, Las Vegas, February 2012

“As a team, we really enjoyed your future-oriented approach to strategic selling. It fit perfectly with what we’ve been trying to put forward to our selling partners for years. You helped us make our case by putting it in concrete terms so they could see the benefits immediately. And the participants liked it very much as well: the survey response from our partners on your session was very favorable. On a personal note, I want to thank you very much for all of the preparation and hard work you put into the presentation. It really showed, and we appreciate it.”

California Farm Bureau Federation, Sparks, Nevada, January 2012

“Your extremely informative presentation provided us with important tools for considering what the future may hold. The talk was fast paced but packed with information.

I truly enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you as well for joining us during lunch and participating as a guest at my table for the Annual Awards Dinner. Your page two contribution to “Ag Alert” was also well received. I look forward to meeting you again soon.”

Endurance Insurance & Reinsurance, Naples, Florida, August 2011

“It is with great pleasure to write this letter to thank you for your excellent presentation at Endurance’s Annual Risk Symposium in Naples, Florida. Our senior executive team and our clients always have high expectations for this select client event, and you not only met, but clearly exceeded them!

We always take a chance when we engage speakers who are not in the insurance or reinsurance business and so all of us were gratified that you took the time to learn about our industry, our business, the nature of the event, and how your presentation would fit with the other pieces of our program. We were delighted that you forwarded us your speaking notes in advance of the meeting so that we could work with you to customize it, making your presentation that much more meaningful and provocative. The resulting presentation hit the nail squarely on the head for our attendees. It was entertaining, intriguing, thought-provoking, timely, and immediately useful to our clients. We know from the feedback we received from our clients that your presentation had an impact on the way they plan for and think about the future. Indeed, we know this is true because one of those clients has now hired you to work with their board of directors. That says everything we need to know about how effective your presentation was.

On a personal note, what particularly pleased me was how you handled yourself in our social events, outside of the presentation. You attended the formal dinner with our clients the night before, and sat with one of the most strongly-opinionated people in the room. You not only kept up with him, but engaged him in a thoughtful and constructive manner that turned him into a big fan of yours. And working with you, both in preparation, during the event, and in the follow-up that you did afterwards was a pleasure. You are a true professional and made yourself part of our team, instead of just a hired gun who showed up, spoke, and left.

We appreciate your efforts on our behalf. You helped us create an outstanding event, but left us with a significant problem: Where will we find another speaker capable of following your act? We have no hesitation in recommending you to other organizations, and look forward to working with you again.”

BC Human Resource Management Association, Vancouver, May 2011

“Richard Worzel was recommended to us by Speakers Spotlight as a great fit for our Friday plenary theme on the ‘Future of Business/Human Resources’. … The audience gave Richard high rankings for his two sessions. His breakout session was ranked #3 out of our total of 21 breakouts, with an overall score of 27.78 out of 30 … [his plenary] scored a total of 26.46 out of 30.

From an event planners perspective, Richard was a joy to work with. He was very flexible and responsive to new ideas to engage our members leading up to our conference. He was graciously agreed to do a short ‘promo’ video about his plenary session and our conference that we used for marketing purposes. He also provided an article which we posted in three parts in our electronic newsletter.

Richard was very engaged throughout the planning process and I had several phone conversations with him over the months leading up to our conference to ensure we were on the same page and that the details and logistics were ironed out. Richard also took the initiative to reach out to me with questions and clarifications to ensure he would be delivering the right information…

I would definitely recommend using Richard for your next event.”

Alberta Library Conference, Jasper, Alberta, May 2011

“I would like to thank you for the inspiring keynote address you made to the Alberta Library Conference delegates in Jasper on April 30, 2011.

Your style of delivery fit very well with our group. The dining room at Jasper Park Lodge is not the ideal venue for a speech made to over 600 people but you made it look easy. Your movements across the stage made everyone feel included and kept them engaged.

I very much appreciated the personal contact you made with me prior to the conference and your effort to fit your topic to incorporate libraries, library workers and trustees.

Preliminary feedback indicates that everyone thought your keynote was a great way to start the day. They found you insightful, interesting and entertaining.

I was also impressed with your post-conference message asking if there was anything further you could do for our group. Your offer to write an article for our newsletter was a first!

It was a pleasure working with you Richard. I felt that you really cared about us and made a great effort to adapt your address to our community. Again, thank you so much.”

DaVita Inc., Denver, November 2010

“Thank you so much for your participation in our Physician Roundtable Meeting. Your commentary challenged the audience to consider both their individual and societal perspectives regarding change. I’m not sure that everyone fully enjoyed the intellectual challenges your discussion introduced, but their discomfort represents solid evidence as to the effectiveness of your presentation. PEOPLE WERE THINKING! The future will present grave challenges and fabulous opportunities. Those in attendance left the meeting with a sense of optimism that the latter will eclipse the former.

I was impressed with the depth of the dialogue with the audience. The nature of their questions and comments was diverse. Your commentary clearly demonstrated a depth of knowledge and insight which enabled you to synthesize apparently disparate topics.

Richard, it was a distinct pleasure to include you in our meeting. I look forward to the opportunity for us to work together in the future.”

Agri-trend Group of Companies, Saskatoon, November 2010

(Clients’ response when Richard stepped in as a last-minute fill-in for the closing keynote of a major agricultural conference)

“I never got a chance to thank you or say goodbye, but I am very appreciative of the job you did, how quick you were able to get it set up, and the care you took in preparation. The feedback we are getting is that you really did a great job, and there was a lot of talk afterwards about some of the points you raised. A big pat on the back to you, great job, and I would recommend you to others.

Thank you…..”

Foodservice Consultants Society International, Minneapolis, March 2010

“…our first and immediate choice…Richard’s approach to preparation is peerless…his ability remarkable”

“FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International) enjoyed Richard as a closing keynote speaker at our worldwide conference in Beijing, China in 2008 to such a degree that when we sought a closing speaker for our 2010 Conference In Minneapolis, MN, he was our first and immediate choice.

Not only is Richard an accomplished and engaging speaker, but his approach to preparation is peerless. Considerable time was spent with Richard on phone calls and in emails clarifying for him the nature of the Society, the demographics and psychographics of the audience, the intent behind the theme (“New Times – New Tools – New Solutions”) and the goals we were seeking as a result of his presentation. His comprehension of these details and ensuing ability to integrate the information into his closing remarks is stellar.

Further, he participated in the Conference by coming early and listening to other speakers as well as engaging in discussion with attendees. By doing this, he was further able to integrate other speaker’s words and messages into his closing remarks as well as probe the tenor of the attendees and adjust accordingly.

Richard’s ability to elucidate current economical conditions and then parlay those observations into likely future scenarios, while also describing the impact we might expect financially and socially as a result, is remarkable. He is able to be provocative without offending, realistic without being sensationalistic and concerned while not projecting hopelessness. His wake-up calls are both serious and filled with encouragement.

He, once again, was the most highly rated speaker at the Conference. Several members already shared that they would have liked for him to speak even longer than the 1½ hours he did and would like to hear him again. It would not surprise me if he became a fixture at FCSI Conferences!”

Federated Co-operatives Ltd., March 2010

“Richard Worzel provided an engaging, though provoking, and informative look at where the world and our industry may be heading. As anyone with an eye on the future may attest, this generated more questions than answers. The important thing for us was to have our staff start asking the questions. Thank you Richard – highly recommended!”

Annual Defined Contribution Plan Summit, Banff, February 2010

“…the best choice…a pleasure to work with!”

“In engaging Richard Worzel as our Keynote for the 11th Annual DC Plan Summit, we can simply say we made the best choice for our audience. Richard was a pleasure to work with from the beginning, allowing myself and the magazine editor to provide him with the overall conference theme and content in which to tailor his presentation directly for our audience. He is very charismatic and confident in his message, which sat well with our audience as they are forever planning for the future. We would ask him back in a heartbeat and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an engaging and informative session for their conference.”

Food Safety and Traceability Programs Branch
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Guelph, January 2010

“Engaging, witty and thought-provoking!”

“As the keynote speaker for our event, Richard’s role was pivotal in bringing a different perspective to the audience on a hotly debated topic. He successfully achieved that for us by delivering an engaging, witty and thought-provoking presentation. Richard was very accommodating to our needs for the event while at the same time bringing in his dynamic style and knowledge about what our audience can expect or should be looking to in the future for agri-food traceability. He definitely left our audience with something to think about!”

Risk and Insurance Management Society, October 2009

“A perfect balance of theoretical and practical – Richard’s presentation was awesome!”

“Thank you for being so engaged during the development phase of the workshop. Your desire to ensure that your presentation met the unique and varied needs of our membership was appreciated; and the resultant end product was very well received. You delivered a perfect balance of theoretical and practical information, a refreshing change from the all-theory material we typically see. Your pragmatic and common sense approach to risk management and scenario planning was simple enough to incorporate into the business planning cycle of any organization and yet complex enough to ensure the value of the effort. The positive learning experience was punctuated by member feedback which included:

Richard’s presentation was awesome! He totally knew his subject matter, spoke off the cuff and with complete candor. His insights [although somewhat terrifying to consider] prompted out-of-the-box thinking.”

HPB Association Management Services, October 2009

“A 10 out of 10!”

“As an independent event planner, I would grade Richard Worzel’s presentation a 10 out of 10! Richard not only made sure that I had all of the information I needed, but he also spent a considerable amount of time with my client to make sure that his presentation was relevant, timely and “spoke” directly to the issues being faced by the delegates. Richard presentation style is engaging and outstanding! Thanks, Richard, for a job well done!”

Amgen, September 2009

“…the presentation provided many controversial and discomforting issues, but that is exactly what it was meant to do”

“Richard Worzel was asked to present his perspective on the future of the healthcare environment … and the factors therein that would have a direct impact on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The objective of such a talk was to impart a sense of what the expected changes could be in order for the audience to consider how they can help prepare the company to ensure that it is best positioned to take advantage of potential changes.

Richard provided a fascinating overview of trends in demographics … and how these would impact other important aspects such as changes in disease patterns, the cost of healthcare and the dilemma between personalized medicine versus overall treatment of populations. He also brought in the advances in technology and the understanding of the human genome which will allow much improved data capture, in turn allowing for swifter and more precise decision making; all making for intriguing political and ethical quandaries that our society will have to deal with.

Overall, the presentation provided many controversial and discomforting issues, but that is exactly what it was meant to do, which Richard delivered in a very interesting and captivating manner.”

Air Cargo Logistics Symposium, June 2009

“…you left your audience with the tools to bring an innovative approach to their workplaces.”

“Your dynamic and thought-provoking presentation on Delivering Tomorrow’s Promise was well received by our delegates and generated many positive comments. Your glimpse into the not-so-distant future incorporated well the day’s topics in a way that left your audience with the tools to bring an innovative approach to their workplaces. As the closing speaker, you had the advantage of leaving our delegates with a memorable message, and you accomplished this remarkably well.”

Canadian Association of Recycling Industries, June 2009

“…your thought provoking message of the future had such a solid logical basis it was easy to understand”

“It was indeed a real pleasure to work with someone who takes the time that you did to explore our industry in order to customize your presentation. I found your thought provoking message of the future had such a solid logical basis it was easy to understand. Already our delegates have commented that your entertaining talk has made them look to the future in a very different manner. Frankly during such an economically difficult period this is possibly even more important. I’m certain that you have, at a minimum, removed some of the surprise that we all must expect.

I hope we can work together again in the future.”

Foodservice Consultants Society International, Beijing, October 2008

“Richard Worzel was the closing keynote speaker for the Foodservice Consultant’s Society International worldwide conference, whose theme was “Foodservice Future: A Brave New World”, held in Beijing this year 16-18 Oct, 2008. Over 20 countries were represented in the audience. Richard was asked to not only address critical issues surrounding sustainability and globalization impact on the foodservice industry, but to also tie together for the closing a summary of topics presented throughout the conference, the goal being to assist attendees in connecting the critical issues. Not only did he perform this function with clarity, intelligence and panache, but he also added sufficient new facts and data that enhanced and elevated the vision of the conference, plus practical solutions for upon which attendees can act, stressing that one small improvement step at a time is a solid method by which to build a better world for all.

Mr. Worzel’s presentation style represents the best example of how a professional can extend warmth, authenticity and humor while simultaneously hitting the nail on the head surrounding critical and not always pleasant, issues. He made use of good visual tools and spoke with clarity, well chosen words and practical examples to get his point across. Our attendees appreciated Richard’s candor and honesty as he shared his financial interpretation of today’s challenging economic situation. He was able to convey a sense of urgency and call-to-attention around issues our attendees needed to hear without projecting an aura of fear and doom.

Beyond his plausible presentation skills, he proved to be an astute listener and learner, genuine in his approach and interaction with attendees and openly willing to be a team player with the other speakers and conference planners. It truly was a pleasure for us to work with him. We unhesitatingly recommend him as a keynote speaker and will look forward to having him speak at future conferences.”

Canadian Gift & Tableware Association, Toronto, September 2008

“The reviews are in and all those in attendance had only great things to say about your session – A Prosperous Future. The positive feedback from our attendees has included comments such as “clear and concise”, meaningful and easy to understand” and “on point”.

Your ability to convey solid business advice and information in a dynamic and captivating fashion made your presentation one of the highlights of the CGTA Gift Show seminar program. You gave the attendees a new way to look at the topic and your presentation style had a lot to do with that. The general consensus was that you were “absolutely outstanding”. But with an extremely important message.

Thank you also for your professionalism and attention to detail. You were very well prepared and the time spent beforehand to customize the session really was evident. I’m sure that you’ve got many retailer’s “wheels turning” thinking of ways they can change their stores and better their businesses.

Any time you need a recommendation, it would be my pleasure to talk about you!”

Credit Union Insurance Services Association, June 2008

“Richard’s thought-provoking informative keynote gave our conference delegates the tools to plan for business achievements and accomplishments well into the future. We highly recommend Richard’s live presentations and every one of his best-selling books. It was an honor, a privilege and a pleasure to meet and learn from Richard Worzel – futurist extraordinaire!”

Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association, May 2008

“It was a pleasure meeting you and a privilege having you present for us at our Nursing Technology – Implementing Innovation Conference here in Regina on May 8. Everyone went home contemplating their role in creating a ‘healthy future’ for the public we serve. We appreciated your candor and logic in assessing where we are going, how we might get there and whether we’ll enjoy the ride.

Your presentation was recognized by a very positive evaluation and several reflective comments scribbled in the margins and on the back pages. … [O]ut of 87 completed forms, 2 were dissatisfied, 26 were satisfied and 59 were very satisfied with your presentation. Outstanding Richard, it was a stellar way to lay the groundwork for our conference.

On another note – we are interested in perhaps accessing your services again in the guise of a two day visioning workshop with registered nurses here in Saskatchewan.”

Integral Wealth Securities, February 2008

“We couldn’t have asked for better results.”

“Thank you for your exciting presentation, “The Next 20 Years of Your Life” at our 20th annual Financial Forum. We hold a Financial Forum each year for two main reasons – one is to educate and entertain our clients and the second is to attract prospects that may want to become our clients.

We received many, many gratifying comments from those in attendance. Everyone found your talk to be such an eye opener. It gave them inspiration to go into the future with eyes wide open and to go forward with a plan to prepare for the future instead of being surprised by it. You have a special talent for taking complex concepts and distilling them into ideas that anybody can understand, yet you also dissect seemingly trivial events to expose a world of possibilities.

I feel that one of your greatest talents is your ability to reveal the relevance between future events and our products and services. This year almost one quarter of our audience were prospects. For the first time in the history of the Forum every single one of them has contacted us to make an appointment. We couldn’t have asked for better results.

This is the second time we have had the pleasure of your performance on our stage and I know we will be inviting you back in the future.

Thank you Richard!”

Capital Care Foundation, Edmonton, February 2008

“Outstanding … powerful and awesome”

“A majority of delegates rated Richard’s presentation as excellent. Richard interacted with delegates, conversing with them before his presentation. Some comments from our delegates described Richard’s presentation as “outstanding, extremely intelligent, great utilization of population projections, powerful and awesome”.

Richard’s approach to the engagement was highly professional from the initial contact through the preparatory discussions to the day of the presentation. Richard was interested in customizing his presentation to the audience and discussed the needs of the audience and the content of his presentation with members of our Program Committee well before the conference date. He was meticulous with confirming facts of our organization and conference and reliable in following through with commitments.

I have no hesitation in recommending Richard as a first class speaker.”

Western Transportation Advisory Council, November, 2007


“I would like to thank you for recommending Richard Worzel as our dinner speaker at the Uncorked! Maximizing Value in Supply Chains Conference in Vancouver. Richard managed to engage and inform the audience, even while competing with the dessert course! Not only was the presentation timely and thematic, it continued to stimulate discussion and ideas throughout the conference.

Working with Richard prior to the event was also a pleasure. His professionalism and attention to detail ensured that the process was as smooth as possible. After our first discussion, we knew we were in good hands. We really appreciated his consultation process and openness to our ideas and thoughts about the presentation content. Not only was this refreshing, it ensured that we felt confident in our choice and therefore in our event.

The delegates at this conference were senior business, government and labour representatives. It can be difficult to please everyone and Richard’s presentation did just that, making an hour seem not long enough. His ability to relate relevant material to everyone and natural style as a speaker were impressive. We congratulate Richard for captivating us all throughout the entire presentation.”

Alberta Roofing Contractors Association, June 2007

“Exceptional ability to connect and relate to an audience”

“Your presentation was excellent!! You have an exceptional ability to connect and relate to an audience in a very professional and relevant manner. We have received numerous compliments on having you as a speaker and I pass these on to you.

As with most industries, there is a tendency to believe that what is happening in a global sense does not impact our industry – “we are different so it does not apply” is a common phrase. Of course nothing could be farther from the truth and I do hope in all sincerity that our members were listening and giving at least some thought to the message you delivered.”

British Columbia Legal Management Association, June 2007

“His presentation materials were tailored and truly relevant to our industry”

“Richard Worzel led a 1/2-day session at the June 2007 conference of the British Columbia Legal Management Association. He started preparing months in advance to determine the primary issues facing our members who would be conference delegates. Even in the early morning before his session, he learned many details of what had been covered previously at the conference so that he could be sure that his session built from there.

As a result of his preparation, and given his very personable style, Richard related truly well with his audience, who he drew into much meaningful interaction. His presentation and materials were tailored and fully relevant to our industry. Our delegates found it a wonderful learning experience, with practical techniques and tools on how to contemplate the future, how it might impact upon them, how to prepare their organization, and how to design and implement actions to lead their organization through future changes.

At a personal level, they found Richard informative, insightful and inspiring.”

Calgary CFA Society, June 2007

“I was impressed with the level of preparation and effort”

“The Calgary CFA Society hosted Richard Worzel [as] the feature speaker for its CFA Day celebration on June 6th, 2007. We chose Richard based on his reputation as one of North America’s leading futurists and because he is a CFA charterholder.

Richard was proactive and very professional as we worked together to identify a theme for the presentation, which he prepared specifically for the occasion. The topic – “The Green Economy and The Future of Energy” – was so popular that we could not accommodate all of the interest…

As the event approached, Richard provided us with an opportunity to review and provide input on the presentation materials. I was impressed with the level of preparation and effort that went into the materials. On the day of the event, Richard arrived early and took the time to chat with many of our members as they arrived. He delivered an energetic presentation and, after his presentation, Richard was available to address remaining questions from the audience.

Richard was a pleasure to work with and we were very pleased with our experience with him.”

Edmonton CFA Society, June 2007

“Informative, entertaining, and thought provoking”

“Thank you for presenting to the Edmonton CFA Society for our CFA Day event on June 7, 2007. The event was well received. Have heard a lot of positive feedback from our audience. Your presentation was informative, entertaining and thought provoking.

I appreciated the professionalism you have showed throughout the entire process of arranging this presentation. You presented ideas to improve our event and re-adjusted your schedule to accommodate the unique needs of our society.

Again, thank you for your help with the first annual Edmonton CFA Society CFA Day event. Please do not hesitate to use my name as a reference…

Hopefully, we will be able to work together on future events.”

American Marketing Association, BC Chapter, May 2007

“Fantastic feedback”

“Thank you for playing such an important part of this year’s BCAMA VISION conference on May 11th, and for your fascinating and engaging presentation. We are continuing to receive fantastic feedback from the attendees and from the VISION committee. Your presentation and valuable insights made this year’s VISION conference an extremely successful event. You have helped to bolster the event’s reputation as the premier event for this area’s marketers.

It was an absolute pleasure working with you.”

BMO Financial Group, April 2007

“You provided us with a great deal more than an engaging presentation”

“[Y]ou provided us with a great deal more than an engaging presentation, and I would particularly like to thank you for all the time and effort you put into our event.

I greatly appreciate the time you took to understand our objectives and the effort you put into developing a presentation for us. It was a pleasure to work with you to fine-tune the presentation and I enjoyed our exchange of ideas as we discussed the content. I was also impressed by the amount of extra time you spent with us the evening before the event and with our guests at the event. I enjoyed our conversation during dinner and thank you for the suggestions and ideas you provided.

Thank you again for your presentation and for your energy and enthusiasm. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

National Managers’ Community Council, Government of Canada, April 2007

“A great way to start the conference”

“As the Chair of the National Managers’ Community Council, I would like to express our appreciation to you for your presentation at the National Managers’ Professional Development Forum…Feedback on your session was extremely positive with participants stating that it was a dynamic, thought provoking presentation and a great way to start the conference. Following are some more of the comments from delegates that we would like to share with you:

“Interesting thoughts re: demographics / role of education.”

“Makes me realize what we will be up against in the not so distant future.”

“Presentation was excellent! Thought provoking & very informative; strategic.”

“This gave me something to think about!”

“Excellent topic! Very good speaker.”

“A real eye-opener – particularly the information on demographics.”

“Interesting to see these issues grouped. I have heard them discussed separately.”

“Talked about the future in realistic terms. Lots of change to come.”

Thanks again for your very informative and entertaining opening keynote presentation – it was definitely a great beginning to our forum!”

BMO Financial Group, April 2007

“Thank you very much for speaking at BMO Financial Group’s “The New Realties of Retirement” event last week. Your presentation “Uncharted Territory: Preparing for a Future without Precedent” set the context for the event and was very informative and entertaining. But, you provided us with a great deal more than an engaging presentation, and I would particularly like to thank you for all the time and effort you put into our event.

I greatly appreciate the time you took to understand our objectives and the effort you put into developing a presentation for us. It was a pleasure to work with you to fine-tune the presentation and I enjoyed our exchange of ideas as we discussed the content. I was also impressed by the amount of extra time you spent with us the evening before the event and with our guests at the event. I enjoyed our conversation during dinner and thank you for the suggestions and ideas you provided.

Thank you again for your presentation and for your energy and enthusiasm. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

Western Retail Lumber Association, February 2007

“I want to thank you for your great presentation at our breakfast meeting during our Trade Show and Convention…Our 2007 Prairie Showcase Buying Show and Convention set an attendance record this year with 2823 delegates and the evaluations indicated that it was also our most successful show in terms of value to our members. This was due in large part to your presentation on ‘Building Tomorrow’s Business’. You did your homework in preparing for our audience and it paid off.”

Toronto CFA Society, November 2006

“A complete professional and a fabulous speaker”

“Richard Worzel spoke for Toronto CFA Society on November 9th, 2006. I chose Richard to participate as a speaker of our newly created Author Speaker Series based on his reputation as being one of North America’s leading futurists. The added bonus is that Richard is also a CFA and this knowledge would be essential when speaking to a Society of other chartered financial analysts.

Richard was a complete professional and a fabulous speaker. He was very effective in conveying his topic and session to our mid-sized group but could also be just as effective in speaking as a keynote speaker at a larger sized conference.

Richard was quite accessible prior to the event, allowing me access directly to him. I was continuously asking him to amend his presentation to accommodate my very specific needs and Richard was very helpful. He went above and beyond the average speaker to give me whatever I needed in order to offer my members exactly what they needed.

Prior to the start of the session, Richard walked around the room and not only introducing himself but shaking hands with those in attendance. This impressed me quite a bit as most speakers show up just before they are scheduled to speak and do not take the time to personally get to know the attendees.

Richard’s presentation was very effective and he gave very specific examples that catered directly to what our CFA’s were looking for.

I would recommend Richard as a speaker and hope to use him again in the future.

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, May 2006

“Any organization looking for ways to think innovatively – should seek [Richard] out”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent presentation and working session that you lead for our senior management team last week to kick-off our annual strategic planning sessions.

Going into these sessions, we had hoped that your involvement would help to spur innovative thinking about our future direction and strategies – we were not disappointed. Our management team found your views on the present world situation and how things might develop, especially from our perspective as a deposit insurer, to be very astute and presented in an extremely interesting and entertaining manner.

Further, I would recommend that any organization looking for ways to think innovatively about its future and on how to develop appropriate plans to cover a variety of eventualities should seek out your services.”

Ontario Construction Secretariat, October 2006

“Our organization represents unionized industrial commercial and institutional construction on both the labour and management sides. Our audience is by its’ nature adversarial and argumentative. We try to find and present issues and concerns common to both sides.

Richard spent considerable time speaking with me and my staff and researching our organization prior to his presentation trying to understand the dynamics of our group and the manner by which they would best receive his messages. I was impressed by his commitment to going well beyond simply delivering his message to making sure this audience would “get it”.

Richard was the wrap up speaker on the last of our three days when frequently much of our audience is more focused on going home. His talk not only captured their interests but was indeed greeted by a standing ovation at the conclusion with many members staying around to speak with Richard regarding both his talk and related materials.

Because of his willingness to learn about my audience and adapt his presentation accordingly, my organization is already considering additional speaking opportunities for Richard to present to our broader membership. I am pleased to highly recommend Richard as an effective, interesting, informed and dynamic speaker.”

Life Sciences Industry Summit, Long Island, New York, May 2006

“I wanted to let you know that your presentation was extremely well received by our audience. As discussed prior to the event, we were looking for a luncheon speaker who would appeal to an extremely diverse audience of business executives, corporate scientists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, professional service providers, government representatives, and academics (to name just a few). Your ability to ‘look to the future’ and identify current and anticipated trends that are likely to impact business and society in decades to come was of mass appeal, and you conveyed sufficient technical credibility to keep the interest of the Ph.D’s in the room without totally losing the non-scientists in the audience. Not an easy feat. The 45 minute talk flew by, and the Q&A was clear testimonial to the interest of the audience.

As co-producer of the event, it was a real pleasure to work with you. With the millions of details that need to be taken care of when planning an event like this, it was very reassuring not to have to worry about the keynote address. You made it a point to contact me to explore the topic, discuss your outline, and review all of the last minute details. It gave us the ability to make minor suggestions that I think helped tailor the talk to our specific audience. As a result, a topic of broad appeal was made very personal…the best of both worlds.

Thank you for contributing so substantially to the success of our event. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

Saskatchewan Agrivision & Saskatchewan Ethanol Development Council joint meeting, March 2006

“The straightforward keynote message that Richard delivered, outlining the need to move beyond commodity agriculture, is an important message. It had a significant impact on the audience composed of rural, farm and business leaders.

Richard provided insight and clarity into the key “drivers of change” within the global economy that gave us clues to the future of agriculture. Clearly Saskatchewan and Canada have a number of strategic competitive advantages within the agri-value economy that are sustainable into the long term. BUT these advantages are within the new agricultural system that meets the emerging consumer demands for safety, health, nutrition, sustainability, and ecologically and environmentally sound business practice.

Richard has a good understanding of how the quickly the future impacts our daily lives. He presented two futures for our consideration. One based on the status quo resulting in continuing decline…and the second on the urgency of re-inventing agriculture to capture the benefits of a higher value “life science and bio-products agriculture”…leading to growth and prosperity. Thank you for your candid approach. It was much appreciated.”

Farm Business Management Council, February 2006

“You held the audience captive.”

“…[I]t is always a pleasure to work with a [speaker] who is as committed to the end results as yourself. I appreciate the time you spent working with me to ensure the content of your presentations and workshops was tailored to our client’s needs, and met our Conference objectives….the delegates from both conference locations found you to be an excellent speaker. You held the audience captive and made yourself available to answer questions during the conference, things that are very important to our audience.”

Canadian Information Processing Society, December 2005

“This year, the Conference offered key note perspectives from two other renowned futurists. Our decision to include you in the pivotal role to synthesize much of the thinking that preceded the final day was instrumental in the Conference’s success.”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your participation as a key note speaker at the 2005 ICE Technology Conference. The feedback from the delegates who attended your key note were outstanding, and as you no doubt noticed, the Conference Chairman, Dr. Perry Kinkaide, was delighted with your presentation.

When an event like this is planned, the Program Committee has certain expectations from our key note sessions and, by all accounts, you more than exceeded those expectations. It was our hope that you could tie the preceding three days of themes into a look at the future of technology, not just from a technical or traditional IT perspective, but from a more integrated view of the many technological influences in our lives in the near and perhaps distant future. Your ability to convey a sense of the convergence of biotechnology and nanotechnology into a future reality of day to day living was key in helping our delegates pull together these themes.

This year, the Conference offered key note perspectives from two other renowned futurists. Our decision to include you in the pivotal role to synthesize much of the thinking that preceded the final day was instrumental in the Conference’s success. As the final morning key note, we wanted to have someone shake up the thinking and you were very successful in doing just that. The sense of the larger implications of technology, such as the integration of PCs into humans, was both thought provoking and, for some unsettling – and this is exactly what we wanted! Your picture of the future certainly shook up the crowd and had folks thinking outside the box.

But I think our delegate feedback says it best…”

“Enlightening…Funny…Honest…One of the most interesting presentations by a most eye-opening speaker that I’ve heard in a very long time”

“different point of view that gave me much food for thought”

“excellent speaker – definitely worth hearing”


“fascinating insight into the future”

Bell Canada, December 2005

“Your discussion was insightful and gave us a lot to think about as we tackle our day-to-day work, and simultaneously plan our future direction.

Following the session, we received comments from participants who told us your message and presentation was interesting and thought provoking, and that they appreciated the opportunity to learn new ideas and concepts that will affect not only the work we do, but how we will communicate as a society. Your delivery was engaging and you maintained the attention and interest of the group throughout the session.

I want to especially thank you for your flexibility in accommodating our schedule and venue changes. Despite the changes to our original conference plans earlier in the year, you managed to deliver a current, focussed and relevant discussion in a very professional manner.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing you speak in future!”

Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario, October 2005

“For the first time in a long time [conferees] were taken out of their 50 mile radius and into much broader and more interesting places.”

“Perhaps the most refreshing thing that came out of your time in front of everyone was the comment that you made people think – a challenge sometimes. They said that for the first time in a long time they were taken out of their “50 mile radius” and into much broader and more interesting places. In our daily lives we are constantly challenged with the regular pressures and tasks, excess amounts of communication and many but usually the same issues and emergencies. You took them away from their daily processes and into the realm that literally broadened their scope and horizons. People need to stretch their minds. You gave us all much to think about. I would like to thank you not only for your content but for your professionalism in preparation and understanding the industry and some of the issues we face.”

Life Technologies Forum, September 2005

“It was indeed a thought provoking experience to listen to your talk on the future of biomedicine…The subject you tackled, The Future of Life Technologies, was one of significant complexity. During your presentation you broke down the topic into simpler portions that made it easier for the audience to follow. You also had researched the subject extensively and had molded it, with comparisons to the oil industry, to suit an audience of Alberta investors. This captivated the participants…On behalf of the organizing committees of the event and also from me personally, I wish to thank you very much for having delivered such an insightful talk and made our lunch event a great success. We would not hesitate to call upon you for an encore performance!”

National Research Council, July 2005

“I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your generous help in developing scenarios for the futures of our organization during our three-day strategic planning session. The exercise itself was nothing short of insightful and certainly very useful. We have gone back many times to our summary documents and have made multiple references to our retreat with you. Your insight, drive and knowledge have made a lasting impression on me and my colleagues.

Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing, Orlando, April 2005

“It’s almost unheard of for a speaker to take such pains, and we appreciated it.”

“I am pleased to write a letter of endorsement for you as a dynamic and effective speaker. What sets you apart from most professional speakers is your willingness to learn about our industry and to work with us through two sets of revisions to your talk. You started with a presentation that was good, and almost totally suited to the occasion, and it then came together beautifully, and was tailored to the needs of this audience and this event. It’s almost unheard of for a speaker to take such pains, and we appreciated it. It meant we could relax, as we knew what was going to happen before the event began.

Our original request to you was to expand the thinking and knowledge base of the audience in this plenary session, and you certainly did. You looked at future developments that would span all aspects of the biotechnology and bioprocessing industries, and produced a scenario that painted a future 20 years from now – well beyond the time horizon of most of our participants, which was exactly what we wanted. This breadth of vision provided the ideal counterpoint to the detailed, specialist presentations of most of our other presenters.

Your delivery was fluid and relaxed, and you connected with your audience in a warm, and at times humorous manner that underscored the message you so effectively delivered. We appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail, and would enjoy working with you again and would recommend you to other prospective clients.”

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, April 2005

“Your presentation ensured our conference ended with a bang”

“Your contribution was one of the key ingredients that resulted in a strong and valuable symposium. Thank you for stepping up to the plate with such short notice. You provided all the best elements of a winning session, which added solid, quality content.

Once again, thank you so much for giving our attendees a wonderful presentation. We have been getting excellent feedback from them about your session. Your presentation ensured our conference ended with a bang and was great lead up to the night’s festivities. What a great end to the day!”

Valley First Credit Union, December 2004

“Your presentation…broadened our minds and allowed us to plan with greater intelligence.”

“[Your] presentation on “Who Owns Tomorrow” was both powerful and though provoking. In the rapidly changing environment of today’s business world, the added process of analyzing the drivers of change and working through the most likely scenarios for the future, broadened our minds and allowed us to plan with greater intelligence…

The board was very happy with this year’s session and really enjoyed the two and a half days. The board found your keynote address and facilitation of the scenario planning exercise to be very thought provoking, relevant and particularly meaningful given the environment we are operating in today.

On behalf of the board and senior management, thank you for sharing your vision of the future with us and for opening our minds to the opportunities it holds.”

Johnson & Johnson, November 2004

“The audience is absolutely captivated”

“I was initially skeptical on the value that a professional speaker has on a conference agenda. Speakers typically offer well constructed presentations and performances but often have limited take away value that can be exercised after the event. The challenge before us was to inspire 100+ delegates that function in a very process driven environment and allow them an opportunity to gain perspective on where our industry is headed. Offering our delegates perspective on technological trends seemed like a great avenue for this.

When we came across Richard Worzel’s biography, we felt his specialties would greatly complement our agenda. In addition to his insights on technology trends, he offered perspective on healthcare, demographic, and governmental trends, all of which directly impact our business. Upon retaining Richard to present to our group, we found him very professional in the interview process and diligent in getting our feedback on how we can better cater the content to our audience. His efforts in organizing the presentation took a broadly defined subject (“the future”) and offered our delegates valuable and focused insight on what lies ahead for our industry.

His presentation style was nothing short of excellent. Richard was effectively able to capture and hold his audiences attention by delivering in an engaging and passionate way. During his presentation a note was passed to me by one of our committee members indicating that…”Richard was a great choice, the audience is absolutely captivated.”

IM professionals are often charged with driving the organization towards technological advancements and efficiencies. In this role, we tend to acquire tunnel vision when working on large projects or simply maintaining the shop. Richard was able to deliver a thought provoking perspective on the future through insight on governmental, societal, and economical changes around us and relate it back to our audience, challenging us to think about where we’re headed in this industry both at work and at home.”

Discount Car & Truck Rental, October 2004

“Best ever keynote speaker!”

“I am sending you this letter to express our appreciation for your excellent presentation and the contribution you made to making our convention a tremendous success.

Your ongoing commitment to review your presentation outline with your clients prior to each speaking engagement is an excellent approach and very reassuring for your clients. Having noted this, I must complement you on your preparation for our convention. You were able to grasp, after our short briefing session, the essential issues facing our industry and created a presentation that was right on the money – no changes required!

Your message added credibility to the competitive vision and strategies being outlined in our convention agenda and your presentation skills resulted in everyone leaving with a clear understanding of the issues that will impact our industry. Your staying to answer questions post your presentation was appreciated. The reviews have been “best ever keynote speaker”!”

Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba, October 2004

“Richard Worzel was a Keynote speaker at the 2004 bi-annual Conference for the Human Resource Association of Manitoba. Richard successfully customized his address specifically to the requests of the Program Committee. He engaged our thoughts and perspective early on in the process and provided us with the opportunity to contribute to the content of his presentation. As a result of this interactive process, Richard’s presentation delivered a fresh, interesting perspective on some of the trends HR Practitioners should anticipate in the future.

Richard was the opening Keynote speaker for our two-day Conference and he proceeded to set a professional, exciting tone for the Conference. His address generated much positive conversation. He connected with the audience on an intellectual level with a strong sense of business focus, which is exactly what we as the Program Committee were looking for.

Richard was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him as an extremely adaptable and knowledgeable individual.

3Com, Boston, September 2004

“I wanted to personally thank you for agreeing to speak at 3Com’s Senior Leadership Meeting in Boston. This is the third time 3Com has invited you to speak, and given the short notice, you were once again to exceed our expectations for this important planning session.

Although you had less than two weeks to prepare, you were able to consult with our team and forward your speaking notes in advance of the session, giving us the opportunity to ensure your comments would dovetail with the rest of our meeting. Your customized presentation was ideally suited to the needs of this highly technical – and very demanding – audience. Your delivery was warm, confident, humorous, and well paced. What more could anyone ask?

You gave our participants cutting edge insights, information, and innovative thoughts and ideas that I know they will use going forward. This kind of valuable take away is rare. You did a great job of sizing up our needs in such a short period of time.

Finally, I can’t resist adding that one of the participants who had attended one of your previous sessions commented that you still had the long hair! My first reaction was to chuckle – and then it struck me that not only does your appearance stand out, but it makes your message all the more memorable. Clearly you’ve thought through every aspect of your profession.”

Principal Clerk, House of Commons Government of Canada, September 2004

“We invited Richard Worzel to address our group of over a hundred and asked him to provide motivation for thinking differently and creatively; for provoking new ideas and creating a comfort for participants to take a risk in expressing new ideas and new ways of thinking. On remarkably short notice, Richard agreed to the task and was successful at developing and delivering a provocative message that responded to our challenge to him. Written feedback from participants, in multiple instances, cited Richard’s speech, “that futurist guy”, as the best activity of the day. In particular, his thoughts on scenario planning for the future generated interest and an appetite to hear more about it.

I would not hesitate to recommend Richard Worzel to any group that is seeking a speaker who will stretch and challenge the thinking in your organization.”

Bell Canada, August 2004

“Your presentation on “Getting the Call: Products and Skills for the Future in Telecommunications” was outstanding, motivating and thought provoking. Your presentation certainly provided us with great insight into what the future holds for us and how these emerging trends will shape the way we serve our customers. I really appreciated the time that the two of us were able to spend together preparing and tailoring the message for our employees prior to the conference.”

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, January 2004

“Richard is clearly a true professional when it comes to the logistics of speaking and presentation. For our conference, his topic was a bit of a departure for us, but it really hit home with our delegates – after all, who isn’t concerned about the future?

Our industry (agricultural production of peas, lentils, beans and chickpeas) is one that was somewhat new to Richard, but he really did his homework. A month later, conference delegates are still quoting from Richard’s presentation. I really appreciated the fact that he worked closely with us in advance to ensure he knew his audience.

In a volatile industry like agriculture, which has more than its share of negativity, Richard was able to point out the fact that the future is not simply something we’ll have to wait for and react to. The future holds a spectrum of options: it’s up to us to choose and plan for the future we want. What a refreshing-and empowering-message!

As a presenter, Richard was all we could ask for: professional, entertaining, and thought-provoking.”

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada, September 2003

“Dynamic, articulate, thought-provoking and inspirational speakers are hard to find. It becomes even more complex when seeking speakers with powerful messages and revolutionary concepts. Add to the mix that the speaker must be able to connect with the audience and you will have some idea as to why we are delighted with the glowing comments we received from our delegates about your plenary presentation at our 17th Annual Conference.

Since 1996, I have worked with over 500 industry and specialized speakers and I can sincerely say that it was a pleasure working with you. Your professionalism and enthusiasm shines through loud and clear – it is not often that keynote speakers approach delegates to introduce themselves (good for you!) before their presentation. I especially appreciated the time you took to develop and write your presentation excerpt so that we could review it together. In addition, you have my admiration and respect when you stopped by a day early to sign 300 copies of your new book Who Owns Tomorrow? which we distributed to all of our early-bird delegates.”

Classroom Connect, New York City, March 26th, 2003

“This is the second time that I’ve thanked you for the work you’ve performed at our events but I feel compelled to write you again because I am so very pleased with the outcome in New York. As you know, New York City is going through some difficult times and educators are even more concerned about the future of education both nationally and in New York City. I was concerned that some of the more challenging content you present could be a bit more than they were able to deal with regardless of it’s value. As usual, you provided me with your full speaking notes for review (you are still the only keynote speaker ever to do this for me) and then ensured that you and I take the time to have a substantive discussion regarding the content and my concerns. Just as you had done in the past, you worked very hard to hit just the right note on a cold winter day in New York City. The response on the evaluations has confirmed for me yet again that your approach to really customizing your message for your audience is extremely effective.

Richard, I can’t thank you enough for the Keynote speech and the follow-up workshop that extended the themes of your speech into a conversation with my attendees. Your ability to facilitate a high level discussion and offer insights that the attendees could use when they return to their schools and district offices is impressive.

The best part of having you come speak to our attendees is that you make us look so good. Our event is certainly enhanced by your participation. I think it is important to let you know that should I ever leave education and need a keynote speaker in virtually any industry, I will call you first. Your insights are applicable and helpful to almost any group of professionals I can imagine.”

Ontario Principals’ Association, November 2001

“Richard Worzel was a speaker at our recent Principals’ Conference – the subject of which was Preparing for the Future…. I was very impressed with a number of things. Firstly, that Richard contacted me on three occasions to tailor his presentation to the needs of the group. He was also able to offer me some very excellent advice about the format of the morning after his actual talk to the group. His insights about how the follow-up should go were right on the mark and were very positively perceived by our Principal Group. Secondly, Richard’s insights into what is coming in the future, his presentation manner, and the actual materials he brough were very up to date and engaging for our group. Thirdly, Richard embodies in his personality and in his character, the kind of leadership that we will need in the future. His personal commitment to young people through the Boy Scouts, and his ability to relate that this his world view was a particularly effective part of his presentation….

In conclusion, I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard as a speaker.”

AIM Funds Management, June 8th, 2001

“Your input and involvement during the development [of our Spring Focus tour] was invaluable, and your execution of the events was always polished and professional in spite of a demanding – and no doubt very tiring – schedule. In addition, your willingness to adapt to changes ‘on the fly’ was most appreciated, and helped the events become more and more impactful as we moved along…I especially appreciated your professionalism throughout the tour, the small details of which often go unnoticed – showing up in the meeting room well in advance to prepare for the evening, greeting each and every member of your audience prior to the presentation, and staying long afterwards to continue discussion and respond to questions from attendees. These details are what set apart a ‘speaker’ from a ‘partner,’ and I’m very pleased to have had you as the latter.”

Dole Packaged Foods Company, April 9th, 2001

“I would like to thank you for the outstanding presentation you gave on the occasion of our National Sales Meeting 2001. I have received very positive feedback from our attendees as the relevance of your presentation, combined with the style and humour with which you presented it. We appreciated your professionalism in tailoring your presentation specifically to our needs instead of a ‘one size fits all.'”

Emerging Technologies 2001 Conference, February 9th, 2001

“Thanks for getting the conference off to a great start! Your presentation was excellent! It was stimulating, thought provoking, and crafted to our audience. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss your presentation in advance, and you clearly incorporated our discussions into your presentation…Your presentation clearly set the tone for the remainder of our conference.”

Certified General Accountants of Ontario, December 15th, 2000

“It was a pleasure having you back again after eight years and very interesting to reflect on how much has changed so quickly. We were, of course, very impressed that so many of your predictions had come to pass! … Feedback from the delegates on both your keynote and your workshop were very favourable, with a rating of 9.1/10 – and certified general accountants are hard markers…I appreciated your interest in learning about our group beforehand and taking the time to customize your presentation. I also appreciated the attention to the details of the event.”

Polygon Homes, November 22nd, 2000

“You had less than a week to prepare for our talk, and in that very short time you spoke several times with our Executive Vice-President to ascertain our group’s needs and areas of focus. We especially appreciated the 11-page fax we received a few days before the event outlining your presentation and asking for feedback. You really cared about meeting (and exceeding!) our expectations….It was a pleasure working with you and dealing with such a professional! Your presentation was lively, funny, and interesting. Many of our managers enjoyed the question-and-answer period afterward and were impressed with the depth of your knowledge. As they told me: ‘He really knew his stuff!'”

Greater Washington Society of Association Executives, July 21st, 2000

“We’re still getting rave reviews about your keynote! Our membership was fascinated by your observations. … Thanks so much for the extra effort you put into tailoring your presentation to the association community. It is so important to our audience to hear how things directly affect them. I have worked with countless speakers in my 15 years of experience, and I can say that it’s rare to encounter a presenter willing to customize as you did.”

International Association of Career Management Professionals, July 28th, 2000

“Your comments captured the attention of our audience extremely well; dialogue and supporting visuals professionally delivered. [We] especially appreciated the time you took to prepare and customize the subject matter to our profession. Speakers we have had often overlook this carefulness to detail…Your presence also stimulated conversation during and after the conference.”

Ontario Medical Association, June 7th, 2000

“Mr. Worzel bills himself as ‘Canada’s leading futurist’ and it’s easy to see why. Pulling no punches, he delivered a sobering and thought-provoking hour-long address to a packed room [of physicians]. In addition to fulfilling his contract with us by delivering a well-paced, well-received presentation, Mr. Worzel was also a delight to work with. He was agreeable to suggestions and was most affable to revision his presentation in the weeks leading up to the event…I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Worzel — you will find him to be an exciting and dynamic speaking with a message your audience needs to hear.”

IMS Health, May 25th, 2000

“Here are just a couple of remarks taken from the [presentation] evaluations: ‘Worzel excellent introductory conference speaker. Very interesting. Start got attention!’ ‘I thought Richard Worzel was an excellent speaker and provided lots of food for thought.’ We were most impressed with the amount of time and effort you put into customizing the presentation for our audience. Every exchange we had with you was an interesting one, and it was a pleasure to work with you.”

Mackenzie Financial, May 15th, 2000

“Just a note to thank you for your tremendous input to the recent Mackenzie cross-Canada road show. It was most well received, not in small part Richard, due to your wonderful talents…

Personally, as always, Richard, I just want to say what a great pleasure it was for me to work with someone so personable, diligent, and professional. It is rare in the ‘speaking’ world. You make it look so easy. For that, great thanks!”

3Com, January 3rd, 2000

“…you not only helped us validate [our corporate] vision but also positioned it with clarity for our Canadian staff. As you know, most of the audience was well versed in technology and as such are a little cynical when it comes to technology/prediction presentations. You won them over!”

Effem Inc. (makers of Mars bars chocolates), November 23rd, 1999

“I want to thank you for your very stimulating and entertaining opening presentation at our future focussed meeting last week. The presentation set the stage for the rest of the day. I received many positive comments about your presentation during and after the meeting.”

Merrill Lynch, November 12th, 1999

“We have hosted many speakers over the years but Richard Worzel truly stands out. His initiative to help promote the event was unprecedented – he was willing to do what he could from beginning to end. He was the guest speaker at a chamber [of commerce] luncheon we hosted as well as at an evening client event. In both cases, the audience was captivated. Before our client event began, he walked through the audience and introduced himself. While this may seem a simple thing to do, it effectively impressed our clients and prospects before he set foot on stage. Once on stage, Richard articulated a number of interesting, fresh and though-provoking ideas about the next 20 years of our life. We highly recommend Richard Worzel; he was a pleasure to work with and a true professional.”

Standard Life, October 8, 1999

“Both Doug and I want to express our appreciation for the wonderful job you did at the Sales Planning Meeting in September. Although you weren’t given a lot of time to prepare, your presentation was both informative and thought-provoking. The feedback from the Sales Staff who attended the meeting has been very positive and it appears the other thing we could have done differently was to have invited you to speak to them sooner!”

ICS Advent, San Diego, September 17, 1999

“People talked about and referenced your points often after the meeting. It also helped that you were able to stay after the formal meeting and talk with employees. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to other organizations with similar needs. A particular advantage you provided is tailoring your presentation to the current needs of the audience…Providing us with an outline of your talk in advance also allowed us to tailor our executive messages so the whole program looked integrated to the audience.”

Convenience Store News Top 50 Forum, June 18, 1999

“You were though provoking and entertaining. Many of our retailer and supplier attendees conveyed to me that you were their favorite speaker during the two day event. It was clear from the audience questions generated at the conclusion of your speech that your vision, and the articulate and enthusiastic manner in which you delivered your message, was interesting and hard hitting…I also appreciated your professionalism in timing your presentation perfectly. Out of all of our guest speakers, you were the only one who’s presentation fit exactly in the allotted time slot. All in all I was completely impressed with you and your material. Thank you again for your stimulating presentation. We would be honored to have you back.”

Credit Union Central BC, May 10, 1999

“I’ve just seen results of our meeting evaluations and you’ll be pleased to learn, as I was, that your session received highest rating from a majority of the delegates. It takes a speaker of substance and authority to reach a diverse group such as ours in a way that expands their understanding and vision. In this, you clearly succeeded. Your ability to connect with the audience and communicate the dynamics of change occurring in our industry certainly met my best expectations as a conference organizer.”

Missouri Tourism Division, March 22, 1999

“‘Fantastic’ ‘excellent presentation’ and ‘worth every minute.’ These are just a few of the words delegates from the Missouri tourism and travel industry used in their evaluations to describe your session…I had numerous opportunities for futurists. I was particularly interested in your services because of what you asked of me. The fact that you were willing to research our industry and ask me for profiles of the audience told me this was not another ‘This is what I present, take it or leave it’ type of speaker…Thanks again for a great presentation and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Maclean Hunter Publishing Limited, January 25, 1999

“Your material was interesting, well researched, and presented in a way that related to everyone in the audience. You spoke to a group that was up all night. The fact that you were able to engage, inform, and entertain them first thing in the morning is a credit to your skills…As an aside, during your presentation, I sat beside on of our company’s most senior managers. She didn’t move a muscle. At the end, she turned to me and said, ‘That’s the best thing I’ve heard in ages. He gave me a fresh perspective on my business, and gave me ideas I can act on now.’ Quite a tribute.”

Produce Marketing Association, New Orleans, January 1, 1999

“What a pleasure it’s been working together…Your presentation was extremely well received. The audience, a diverse cross-section of our industry and almost 40 percent of whom came from outside the U.S. and Canada, responded enthusiastically to your vision of the future and how it might impact their business…To be honest, the success of the presentation came as no surprise to me. I knew that the time we spent preparing for the event would ensure a positive experience for our audience. I appreciated your flexibility prior to the event, and your eagerness to learn about our association and members.”

Institut québécois de planification financière, le 29 juin 1998

“Vous êtes sans contredit un des acteurs de cette réussite et nous tenons à vous remercier pour votre brillant participation à cet événement. Vous avez charmer votre auditoire et le tenir en haleine, tant par la qualité de votre discours que par l’intérêt que vos propos on suscité chez nos planificateurs toujours à l’affût des changements qui influencent leur travail et se répercutent dans leur quotidien. Je m’en voudrais de passes sous silence la délicatesse qui vous a porté à pronouncer votre conference en français et je puis vous assurer que ce geste a grandement été apprécié par les membres de l’Institut québécois de planification financière. Vous réitérant mon entière satisfaction, je vous prie d’agréer l’expression de mes meilleurs sentiments.”

Investors Group, B.C., June 17, 1998

“Today we received the results of the Response Cards from the Select Services Event in Vernon of June 10th. These results confirmed what we had been told verbally from our clients – You were a HIT! Of the 200+ that responded there was a 53% Excellent and 38% Very Good response. … It was a pleasure to work with you on these events and to meet you in person – you and your book have got me looking at the future in a new light.

In addition to the tremendous positive feedback, folks were impressed with the way you took time out before and after to shake hands and say hello. That meant a great deal to our clients. Don’t ever stop doing that. Again, thanks for making our events the huge successes they were.”

Food and Consumer Manufacturers of Canada, May 4, 1998

“I though you would be pleased to know that, based on the results of our speaker evaluations, your presentation received a high rating. Some comments from members regarding your presentation style and content include: ‘stimulating, thought provoking, pragmatic vs. theoretical, a refreshing change versus other futurists. FCPMC would be pleased to recommend you as a speaker at any time.”

Independent Power Producer’s Society of Alberta, April 8, 1998

“From a conference organizer’s point of view it was a pleasure to work with you. You specified very clearly and well in advance all your requirements for making your presentation. This ensured that, in addition to your providing an excellent and entertaining talk, the technical side also ran smoothly.

‘Best presenter’…’excellent’…’very good’…’very good format and content’…’most entertaining’ – audience comments.

On behalf of the Independent Power Producer’s Society of Alberta, I would like to congratulate and commend you on the excellent opening address at this year’s conference…Thank you for your efforts in making the address relevant for our rather technical (and electrical) audience. I enjoyed working with you, and highly recommend your services for similar conferences or working groups who need to kick start the creative process.”

Hicks Financial Solutions, February 4, 1998

“Wow! What a great evening! Feed back from our clients has been terrific. Your presentation created a sense of excitement as to what the future offers. In fact, one of my senior clients made the comment, ‘I wish I had my entire family with me tonight, every one of them would have benefited from listening to Mr. Worzel.’ Our clients were particularly impressed by your personal touch. Few speakers take the time to chat with their audience before the presentation and you created an obvious rapport with all in attendance…Thank you for a super event and I look forward to working with you in the future!”

State Farm Insurance Companies, February 4, 1998

“Your message was on the mark; you challenged us to keep learning, to continue to strive to improve…Richard, thank you, your presentation set the stage for the rest of our conference, and energized us to continue our search for excellence.”

Vision 2020 Symposium – New Brunswick, January 30, 1998

“We genuinely appreciated both your presentation and the manner in which you facilitated the workshops throughout the day – but more than that, we were grateful for your willingness to work with us prior to the event. Your meeting with organizers in advance of the conference allowed you to customize a presentation and workshops that would be suited to the audience and assist in meeting the objectives of the conference.”

Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, December 28, 1997

“Richard Worzel was a great success as you predicted and was most helpful in communicating with me in advance and on the day of his presentation…I have enclosed the results of our evaluation form for Richard’s presentation. As you can see he was well received.”

[Content: 18.0% good, 26.2% very good, 55.7% excellent. Speaker’s effectiveness: 6.7% good, 23.3% very good, 70.0% excellent]

TD Private Client Services, Ontario, November 20, 1997

“Thank you for doing a terrific job at our recent ‘Exploring the Future’ seminar. It must have been very daunting to present your views on the future to a guest list that represented some of Canada’s most exciting technology companies. Your presentation was a catalyst to a stimulating question and answer session that I sincerely didn’t want to end. You managed to create a special evening for many of our best client and prospects. Already we are enjoying some new business because of the presentation and we anticipate that we will pay for our efforts many times over as a result of some excellent new relationships.”

Great Pacific Management, October 21st, 1997

“I am enthused to be able to write this letter. I saw your speak in April of this year and thought ‘I wish my clients were here to listen to your presentation’. Following your talk I called…to book you for a ‘week of seminars’. I went out on a limb, taking the chance that you would have the same effect on our clients that you had on me. The feedback from our 5 seminars here in the Vancouver lower mainland has been super. The results were beyond expectation. Your presentation was extremely good, however I feel the greatest benefit to us was your ‘connection’ with our clients. Many said it was the best seminar they had attended…different, new information. Despite poor weather in Vancouver on the Thursday evening seminar, we had about 200 more attendees than projected.”

Ford Motor Company, July 8th, 1997

“Allow me to again thank you for the exceptional presentations you made to our dealers earlier this year. The feedback has been extremely positive and reflects on your professionalism.”

The Soap and Detergent Association, May 7th, 1997

“I want to thank you for participating as the lead speaker for our 1997 videoconference…From early reports, your efforts were appreciated by our audience, as I have received many compliments…The conference was a success in the number of downlink sites and participants as well. We had 472 downlink sites in 48 states, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Island with an estimated viewing audience of 9,500…Again, please accept my thanks for a job well done! And, a special thanks for your patience with the whole tedious process of developing and approving your presentation. You were a delight to work with and I really appreciate your understanding and cooperation – above and beyond the call of duty!”

Mackenzie Financial Services Inc., April 28th, 1997

“Richard Worzel was a faculty member for the initial session of Mackenzie University – a national education roadshow for financial planners which we completed just a week ago. The top line assessment is that Richard Was the highest rated of all the speakers we used. But the bottom line evaluation is even more important: he was the most useful to our attendees because he took the time to become familiar with their needs and wants by mingling before he spoke – and because what he said was both logically understandable and backed up with solid facts from his own research…We can enthusiastically recommend him to any audience seeking a better understanding of the future and its practical implications for today.”

Abbott Laboratories, April 8th, 1997

“Thank you again for speaking at the Abbott Laboratories’ Millennium meeting held for the Canadian Executive Team. As a futurist speaker, your mandate was to widely open our horizon, while provoking thoughts that might become strategic action plans to face the new millennium and win the battle. You surpassed our expectations. All participants were highly pleased and shocked by your presentation…Having you as our ‘kick-off’ speaker set the tone just perfectly for achieving our meeting objectives. I have only received praises on you as a person and on your presentation from my colleagues and from our President. I personally enjoyed working with you in preparing this event and I am very pleased of the high success of your presentation.”

Deloitte & Touche, December 4th, 1996

“Thank you for participating at our 1996 Financial & Special Services Conference held November 11-12th in Montreal. Our practitioners certainly enjoyed your entertaining and thought-provoking presentation and that is reflected in the extremely positive feedback we received. You’ll be pleased to know that you got the highest rating of all the speakers…I hope that you enjoyed the event and the opportunity to meet and exchange views with some of our senior practitioners.”

Pacific Coast Savings Credit Union, October 4th, 1996

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and Executive Management of Pacific Coast Savings, I would like to thank you for your significant contribution to our Board and Management Planning Session on September 13, 1996. We were very impressed with the amount of research you did on our organization and how you were able to develop such germane observations. The relevance was remarkable.”

IMAX Corporation, March 15, 1996

“We invited and almost challenged you to speak about Global Trends and excite and motivate a group of veteran International Marketing Representatives, but with your engaging delivery and extremely impressive visuals you certainly rose to the occasion and surpassed our requirements!”

IBM, Ontario, March 12, 1996

“Your talk was most interesting and informative and provided excellent insight into the future of technology and the trends that will shape who our customers will be. We appreciate the time and effort you put into your preparation to ensure that the appropriate messages would be delivered.”

Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Alberta, February 2nd, 1996

“I just wanted to thank you for your excellent talk entitled ‘The Future Starts Here’ and scenario analysis workshop. Our senior management and planners at Amoco Canada were impressed with your ability to help us ‘look around corners.’…Several times during the day I heard people refer to comments you made for consideration in developing forecasted business plans. This is strong evidence that you were able to shape the way in which we develop our plans in future.”